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Smoke Alarms for Home, Business and Industry in Campbell River

A properly installed and maintained smoke alarm is one of the least intrusive and most cost-efficient methods to provide timely warning when a fire is present. Raleigh Fire Safety Ltd. is your go-to resource for smoke alarms. Protect your Campbell River property against the threat of fire in the smartest way. Stop by to discuss all your options with us today.

Smoke Alarms Save Lives

The majority of fatal home fires happen at night when people are asleep. Contrary to popular belief, the smell of smoke may not awaken a sleeping person. Inexpensive household smoke detectors are designed to sound an alarm in the presence of smoke or fire, alerting you to danger. By giving you time to escape, smoke alarms increase the chance of surviving a home fire by almost 50%.

Annual Inspections

Raleigh Fire Safety Ltd. offers annual inspections of fire alarms, smoke detectors/alarms and emergency lighting to ensure they are in proper working order. These inspections are carried out per ULC-S536-97, the Canadian Standard for the Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems. Please contact us to learn more or to schedule service.

Choosing an Alarm

There are dozens of brands of smoke alarms offered for sale in hardware, department, and discount stores all across Canada. Be sure that the smoke alarm you buy bears the label of an independent testing laboratory, such as UL.

Several types of alarms are available to meet your specific needs. Some run on batteries, others on household current. Some detect smoke using an “ionization” sensor, while others use a “photoelectric” detection system.

All approved smoke alarms, regardless of type, will offer adequate protection provided they are installed and maintained properly.

Brands We Offer

Raleigh Fire Safety Ltd. offers fire safety equipment from the most trusted and respected manufacturers in the industry:

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